Thank You For Your Referrals

At ONIT Technology Solutions we are convinced that referrals are the finest form of flattery. If you know a person who is concerned about any part of their business technology, about their website or Internet marketing & SEO, please have them contact us.

If we get an appointment with the person you refer to us, we will pay you $25. The minute your referral turns into a client, and has purchased $1,000 or more, then we are going to pay you an extra $50, and provide your referral a $100.00 discounted price on his next bill.

What is a good referral?

  • Computers & Network - A business owner that has 5-100 computers and requires assistance with their network, data backup and business security and desires to stop worrying about IT concerns, knowing we'll take care of everything technology related 24/7. Or possibly, they only need a great, no obligation second opinion about their technology plan of action
  • Web Design and SEO - Any business owner searching for a web designer with professional looking layouts and designs, effective development turnaround times, who responds to phone calls and is respectful and reliable

How does it work?

1. We call your referral to schedule an appointment     2. We send you a check for $25    3. When your friend becomes a client, we will remit a $50 check to you     4. We discount $100 from your friend's bill

Fill the form below or call us at 210-273-4524 to help your friend

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