Operating System Patching

Operating System Patching is an essential part of maintaining the systems, programs and applications secure from dangerous users who take advantage of vulnerabilities left open whenever operating systems are not kept up-to-date.

With ONIT Technology Solutions Patching Service, your staff is freed up to concentrate on central business competencies essential to drive your company ahead.


Benefits of ONIT's Operating System Patching

Proactive Coverage

An efficient patch administration procedure will close vulnerabilities before hazardous users or worms get a way to exploit them. The well-timed deployment of patches considerably decreases business risk.

Minimal System Overhead

Our OS Patching does not demand a software program agent to be installed on your device, freeing up memory, CPU and also storage for essential elements.

Full Visibility

Our support team offers constant monitoring and in-depth status reports accessible in PDF format both through our internet portal or through email. You can even verify the status in real-time on the system.