Better Server Efficiency and Utilization

What is Virtualization?

Virtualization helps you to operate various virtual servers on just one physical unit, effectively exchanging resources and improving server usage on the fly, according to your company requirements.  This maximizes efficiency and provides you with unmatched convenience and boosts the use of resources, applications and computer data. With the old standard relationship between applicatiions and servers, physical assets were underutilized in addition to excessive amount of time wasted dealing with servers.

Some of the advantages of using Virualization from ONIT Technolgy Solutions:

  • Inexpensive disaster recovery
  • Data center footprint decrease - use less, space, energy, cooling
  • Rapid structure provisioning - from months to weeks or days
  • Hardware lock in escape
  • Large physical resource utilization - instead of using your server  just a 5-7%, increase  it to 50-70%
  • Near zero routine maintenance downtime
  • Transparent hardware substitution


"Basic principle: Implement server virtualization to replicate assets and generate failover functionality at reduced cost without compromising dependability."

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