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Are You A Fish-On-The-Hook For Cyber Crime?

Small companies are under assault. At the moment, incredibly dangerous and well-funded cyber crime bands in China, Russia in addition to the Ukraine are utilizing complex software and techniques to hack into tens of thousands of small companies to grab credit card numbers, customer data, and swindle money straight out of your banking account. A few are even getting funded by their very own government to harm small, practically defenseless companies.

Don’t feel you’re at risk simply because you’re “small” and not a major focus similar to a Lowe’s or a Target? Reconsider that thought. Around eighty two thousand NEW cyber crime and virus threats are being distributed on a daily basis and fifty percent of the cyber attacks happening are geared toward small businesses; you simply don’t read about it since it’s kept quiet for concern with getting bad PR, lawsuits and data-breach penalties, together with pure shame.

Cyber crime is at an all-time high

The truth is, the National Cyber Security Alliance reveals that one in 5 small firms have been victims of cyber crime over the past year – and that figure is expanding quickly as additional companies utilize cloud computing, mobile gadgets and keep more data online. In simple terms, the majority of small companies are a “Fish-On-The-Hook” to hackers as a result of insufficient, inadequate security strategies.

As your local IT support company, we work day and night to safeguard our customers from such cyber crime problems – and sadly we observe, regularly, hardworking business owners becoming monetarily devastated by all these lawless individuals. We are determined to alert as much companies as possible of the very real and valid threats facing their companies to make sure they get the opportunity to guard themselves together with everything they’ve worked so hard to attain.

No Cost Report Reveals The Vital Protection Small Business Owners Need Today

We want to do anything that we could to end cybercrime, as a result, we have created a zero cost Executive Report named “7 Crucial Security Measures Every Business Must Have” which we have available, at no cost, here. You can also call our office at 210-263-3810 to get a copy.

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