Is Your Business Data Truly Safe In The Cloud?

Cloud Computing Safety

Are you considering transferring all or portions of your network “to the cloud” but concerned about cloud computing safety and who is able to gain access to your information? You’re not the only one – Many security specialists, software firms and cloud companies alike, accept that cloud computing provides a safer solution to keep computer data. Actually, the US government’s cyber security consultant Howard Schmidt, had asserted that cloud computing safety would permit companies to catch up on security difficulties.

That’s mainly because the majority of small businesses lack security procedures and lack correct password security plans, firewall administration, and back-up strategies. The same company owners who verbalize their worry regarding placing their data in the cloud are backing up their whole network to a tape drive, as well as leaving this copy in their automobiles over-night,  or are employing “not so strong” passwords for essential access areas to their systems that are much bigger security concerns compared to keeping it in a well protected, extremely redundant cloud solutions. That’s similar to stating you’d rather stash your cash into a mattress at your house than keep it in a bank because you’re unsure who is able to see and handle it.

Is cloud computing safety that important?

Listed below are the top five security questions you should know the responses to if you’re planning to “send” your files to the cloud

1. Who apart from my company users, have a way to access my data?
2. What cloud computing safety procedures will be in place whenever a mobile gadget or laptop is missing/stolen?
3. With what frequency will my information be backed up (in addition to exactly where will it be backed up)?
4. What will happen in the event my cloud provider is out of business? What’s the plan?
5. Where is my information “really” located?

Obviously, with all data storage, even on-site, there are risks and there’s no way to totally ensure complete protection. That being said, the majority of cloud providers are considercloud-computing-safety-ably more diligent regarding cloud computing safety and spend huge amounts of money into making certain that all areas of protection are as rigid as possible.

We have invested plenty of time researching numerous cloud alternatives and as well as providers for our customers.

Need more details on cloud computing safety and what to search for?

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