The Importance of Having Data Backup Solutions

The Importance of Having Data Backup Solutions

Almost all businesses operating today rely on IT to at least some extent. Due to this fact the importance of data backup solutions are fundamental to almost all companies.

A data backup solution doesn’t simply mean taking a copy of your documents every once in a while, it is a fundamental part of day to day business and is something for which you should have a full strategy in place to manage, check and revise your backup process.

The crucial thing to remember about a data backup solution is that it’s one of those things that you very rarely need to call on, but if it doesn’t work on that rare occasion that you do need it, not only is the entire system flawed but it could very well cost you your business.

When you are looking at your backup policies, there are a few things that you should keep in mind on order to have a full proof backup strategy in place for when you need it.

Back up everything

Before you begin backing up your data, you really need to know exactly what critical data you have on your system and what needs to be backed up as well as how. It is good practice to keep a record somewhere of all of your critical business applications, what data they contain, where it is stored and how it should be backed up.

Keep backup history

Keeping a single backup of your data is definitely not sufficient and in some situations keeping 5 days’ worth of backups on rotation is not even sufficient. The reality is that every business is different, and every application has a different requirement when it comes to backup history. It is good practice to look at all of your data, the possible risks to that data and then think about how many revisions of the data you should be keeping. The answers to these questions will create the basis for your backup archiving strategy.

Keep backups off site

Whilst on site backups are great for ease of access and quick restore, it is crucial that you keep at least one set of backups off site in case of a physical disaster that renders any on site IT inaccessible.

Test your backups

All of the above will help you to build a stable and reliable backup strategy, but it is no good without being tested. The nature of backups and the fact that they are not often needed makes testing them even more important, otherwise the day you come to need them you may find that they don’t work as expected.

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